Additional Cat Structure Building Tips

Additional cat structure building tipsCat trees are not exactly cheap; some of them go over a hundred dollars. However, plenty of cat owners buy them for their beloved pets because these structures can further improve their lives and curb certain annoying cat behaviors and practices. They provide a place for felines to scratch, play, sleep and observe things around them.

Cat structure prices are often based on their size, quality and features. While you do not need to spend more than a hundred on a model, you can also create your own and do some customizations with your house’s interiors and cat as the basis for its design. There are plenty of free cat tree plans online that you can use plus simple instructions on how to build a cat tree.

If you do not want to do any construction, you can simply make use of furniture. If you have some old furniture that you do haven’t used for years like an old shelf or chair, you can transform it into a delightful spot for your felines to play and scratch on. You can also visit a few thrift shops to check out available pieces that you think your cat will be into. Going to thrift shops for used furniture is probably more cost-effective than running straight to home improvement shops. All you have to do is to keep an open mind and get those creative juices flowing.

If you want to create something for your furry ones, make sure that you keep those items as safe and secure as possible for your cats. Items for cats can be hazardous if they are not taken cared of or handled properly. However, if you are going to produce them yourself, remember that you can make them more reliable than any item that’s being sold in stores.

Here are extra tips that you need to remember while creating that perfect haven for your felines

Make sure that the cat tree’s overall design is intact and stable

The design of the structure should be capable of handling the weight of cats hopping onto it. Cats do have a substantial weight so be sure that you supplement the whole structure with plenty of support. The last thing you need is a faulty limb or platform and a harmed cat.

Balance is key for a successful design

Cats are able jumpers so make sure that the entire structure has a very formidable base so it won’t tip over as the cat jumps on it. A wide base is always recommended and if you can, attach the assembly to the wall. You can also make do with some heavy-duty straps to support the whole ensemble. In addition, do place the heavier parts on the lower section of the assembly while the smaller ones must be put on the higher section. The extra weight situated on its foundations will keep it secured.

Fasten the assembly properly

Whatever tool you use to fasten the parts, whether they are nails or screws, make sure that they are all positioned appropriately. See to it that things will not come loose easily. Guarantee that the nails you have pounded on the assembly have been struck into the wood very well because loose nails can be dangerous not only to your cats, but to yourself and other individuals. In case you are using staples on some parts, make sure that you give those staples an additional rap with a hammer to guarantee that they have settled deep within the wood because the majority of staple guns do not go down completely.

Cat trees or condos are a great way for cats to enjoy their play, observe the world around them and focus their scratching habits on those structures. They also provide a great spot for the cats to take their everyday naps. If you do have a budget for a cat tree, make sure that you get one that suits your cat or cats, with a great quality that can take in weight and last for long period of time.

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