Every Cat Loves a Cat Tree: A Guide

Every cat loves a cat treeThe cat tree is a leisurely spot meant for cats. This is a place where your agile furry friends can take their naps or alleviate scratching habits, observe the world down below or just plain relax. Cat trees are built with some interesting parts that your cat enjoys; they feature ramps, platforms, climbing poles, and sitting boxes down to scratching posts.

Cats in nature love to play, jump, climb over stuff and scratch. Which is why they will greatly benefit from a cat tree. The item lets kitties perform all of those activities in a productive fashion without the damage. If you are tired of your kitty’s constant scratching on the couch, you can direct her energies to a cat tree instead. It will also allow your kitties to be on their own without their owner’s interference, at least for a while. The majority of these trees are capable of taking in several cats all at the same time.

What Kind of Cat Tree is Best for My Pet Cat?

The majority of felines are quite active and dynamic. Cat owners more often than not select the best cat tree since it features a variety of levels. Before buying, you should remember some of these things first:

  • The size and model of the furniture must rely on the climbing proficiency of the cat. Cats are expert climbers; thus the tree as far as possible should be truly elevated. Cats have a love for great heights and they feel safe and secure in such vantage points.
  • The model should feature a broad foundation to maintain proper balance and keep the structure from tipping over. In case the tree falls down while the cat climbs on it, he might never go near the structure again.
  • The platforms, branches or perches and other spots should be sufficiently roomy so that the cat is capable of climbing and getting down without fear of falling, tripping or skidding. Guarantee that those abovementioned parts can accommodate the cat’s weight too.
  • A platform with a rounded shape will offer more security for your kitties while a platform with a flat surface might not provide that much safety for the cat, especially if they are sleeping. However, most cats prefer a flat platform since they can scratch on it. If you want to make sure, go for a model with flat platforms on the lower part of the tree.
  • Make sure that those extras on the tree like the holes or tunnels are big enough to accommodate your cat. The majority of those models are not designed to take in bigger felines.
  • If you are the type who moves from one place to another frequently, get a cat tree that is simple to setup and disassemble.

Cat Tree Materials


Solid wood

The best cat tree for the majority of cat owners is built from genuine solid wood – nothing more, nothing less. While the material is the heaviest among wooden materials, it is so far the most durable and stable. Tiny cracks might sprout up on its surface over time but it will not affect the overall performance of the structure. To maintain the wood’s integrity, make sure that you keep the structure away from extreme temperatures.

Press wood/OSB

Pressed wood or OSB is built with heat-treated bonding agents and wood strands in rectangular forms which are then organized into cross-patterned layers. OSB is made in big, unbroken mats and is a dense material with extensive quality. It bears a similar strength and performance to plywood.


Plywood is built from slim layers of veneer, which are tiers of wood that are pared from a rotating log. These veneers are then cross-laminated and bonded as one by means of a hot press. All through the board’s thickness, the granule of every layer is fixed upright to the next layer. Because it is produced from entire layers of logs as compared to press wood it bears a more uniform and less uneven look.

Faux fur and fleece

Covering materials on cat trees range from faux fur or faux fleece and carpet. The majority of cat furniture being sold today is wrapped in those materials. Faux fur and faux fleece are man-made but they are strong enough to tolerate scratching. They have a thinner feel but bear a similar quality to carpet. Faux fur and faux fleece are capable of maintaining their appearance for a longer time even with thorough usage. They are also easy to clean and more affordable. However, they might not be soft enough for felines.


Carpet material is softer than those covering types mentioned above. It is also heavier and thicker and is available in a wide selection of colors. Safer carpet material should not be looped since looped carpet can get knotted in a cat’s claws. Because looped carpet is produced in one unbroken thread, the whole segment of the carpet can pulled out quickly once a cat scratches on the material and his claws get caught on it.

Carpet is also harder to clean and maintain. If you prefer a cat tree or furniture with a carpet covering, make sure that you get a model that includes a sisal post so the cat will scratch on said post instead of the carpet.

Sisal rope

A cat tree bearing sisal posts works even better than those with carpeted posts. The majority of cats prefer scratching on a sisal rope or post as compared to the carpet. Sisal is also an eco-friendly material and it provides a delightful scratching surface for felines. Cats appreciate its smell and scratching on its surface promotes healthier claws for cats. Sisal is also a durable material so it will last for a longer time.

Introducing the Cat Tree to Your Cat

Not every cat will jump right into your newly-purchased and assembled cat tree. Some will approach the thing with caution. Be patient because at times a number of kitties just need a bit of time to get used with something new in their world.

The first thing you have to do is select the proper tree. Since cats are into climbing and scratching, they require a tree that can endure their vigorous scratching habits and lively acrobatics. This is not only for the safety of the cats, but for the safety of others. Cats will also stay away from unsteady structures, so make sure that you get one that will accommodate the weight of your cat or several more.

If you have ample space in the house you can get a model with additional features like sleeping spots, tunnels and a few perches. In addition, you can get model with a surface that your cat prefers, whether the material is made from carpet, wood or sisal. Selecting a model with material that the cat appreciates will make them get used to the cat tree faster.

The second thing you have to do is place your cat’s favorite toy on the tree. That way, the cat might unsuspectingly retrieve it which will make him comprehend that there is nothing to be anxious about. You can also place their favorite treats on the tree or dangle toys on it, position it on varying places of the structure. Provide plenty of praise and encouragement to your cat whenever he goes after those toys or treats and he will get used to it in no time.

Location is also key. Make sure that you place the cat tree in a place that is frequented by you or other people. Cats like attention so make sure that you have the tree in a spot where you also hang around. Cats also love spending time in front of the window so position the tree near a window if you can so the cat can maximize his viewing prospects.

Cleaning the Cat Tree

Purchasing a cat tree means you have to take care of it as well. In due time, the tree will become overrun with dust and dirt and in order to maintain its tiptop condition and keep your cats healthy, you have to get rid of all that dirt.

Be careful when it comes to purchasing a cleaner for the cat tree. Read the label of the cleaner first and guarantee that it is safe for animals. Remember that cats have a tendency to nibble and gnaw on some parts of the tree, use it as a scratcher and they may also rub their bodies against it. So it is best that you remain observant and read the fine print on the cleaner first to make sure it is non-toxic.

A cleaner that produces suds could be dangerous to kitties as well because there will be residue left from the cleaner that might linger in the tree’s fibers. The cat might gnaw on it and this will ead to them to consuming said cleaner, which can lead to harmful stomach conditions.

Even cleaners that are made from natural ingredients can endanger your cat. There are particular plants and oils that are employed in these products that can make your cat sick. If in case you are not familiar with the ingredients on those cleaners, trust your instinct and do not buy them. It’s better to be informed and search for natural cleaners that are safe for your cats online first and foremost before buying. The majority of organic cleaners will be safe for all pets but it is always good to practice caution at all times.

In case you have an old vacuum at home, it might be good to replace it with a model that is built to take away pet hair. Removing dirt and pet hair by way of the vacuum cleaner is still the easiest method to use and will need minimal maintenance.

It can’t be helped that over time, the cat tree will have a lingering odor that has to be removed. If the odor is still light, you can banish it by treating it with light sprays. Stronger odors require the use of granules. You can buy these solutions from pet supply shops. Apply the odor solution and let it soak for a number of hours, then use the vacuum cleaner to remove it.





   Go Pet Club Cat Tree  $$$  4.6/5
   Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree  $$$  4.6/5
   Furhaven Pet Cat Furniture Play Stairs with Iq Busy Box  $  4.2/5
   Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture  $  4.1/5
   Vesper Cat Furniture  $$$  4.4/5
   Merax CARB-certified New Design Cat House Cat Activity Tree Funiture  $  4.4/5
   Pawhut 61″ Three Story Cat Tree Scratching Post Condo  $$  4.1/5
   Oxgord, 64″ Cat Tree, Brown & White  $$  4.1/5
   Merax CARB-certified New Design Cat House Cat Activity Tree Funiture  $$  4.4/5
   OxGord Tree Condo with Scratching Post and Toys for Cats  $  3.1/5

5 of the Best Cat Trees

Due to the many options available, choosing a cat tree for your felines can be a hard task to do. We came up with a neat list of the most sought-after cat trees though to make shopping easier for you. Read on and see what we have in store for you and your choosy felines.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2040 – Beige

Now, if you need a sturdy cat tree structure for your big, hefty cats, this one from Go Pet Club might work for you and your kitties. This is recommended for cat owners who want a model that is capable of taking in several cats. This is a huge activity structure that has a cat condo, a number of platforms and levels, 2 ladders and 10 sisal-rope covered posts ideal for scratching. The structure is covered in faux fur and is simple to put together by way of tools and complete instructions.


  • Comes in beige color
  • Includes 3 perches
  • Includes 10 scratching posts
  • Features faux fur covering
  • Includes wooden board material
  • Simple to put together
  • Includes step-by-step instructions plus tools

Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, Height -50-Inch to 60-Inch

The Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo will provide a fun and snug place for your kitties, plus will provide a great view of the world around them. It is made from pressed wood construction and it also features a multiple-level design that provides comfortable resting spots for a number of cats. It is covered in soft, faux fleece and makes for a great scratching surface for your kitties.


  • Excellent cat tree for climbing, resting, playing and scratching
  • Constructed from pressed wood
  • Features faux fleece covering
  • Easy and simple assembly
  • Includes instruction manual and tools for setup
  • Will suit any interior décor

Furhaven Pet Cat Furniture Clubhouse Playground

Pet cats will surely take comfort and enjoy playing in Furhaven’s Pet Cat Furniture Clubhouse. This is a multiple-level structure with interactive toys thrown into the mix to satisfy your curious cats’ need to explore, jump and climb. The sisal rope posts found on the cat tree make for ideal scratching aids for your kitty’s claws. The topmost platform of the model, meanwhile, features a bouncy ball-type toy while a perch sits on top of the entire ensemble. This Furhaven bestseller will keep your cats entertained, alert and cozy.


  • Includes interactive Cat IQ Busy Box with 2 detachable toy balls
  • Features natural sisal poles aimed for scratching
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a height of 45.5 inches, is 19 inches wide and 23.5 inches long.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Make your pets come out and play or take a good rest in the Go Pet Club’s Cat Tree Furniture. The structure is a simple, uncomplicated model with a contemporary design that aims to provide a safe and relaxing sanctuary for your felines. This cat tree has everything in store that will make your cat happy; it features spots perfect for scratching, resting, viewing, climbing and playing.


  • Features frame made from wood with beige color
  • Features faux fur and sisal rope covering
  • Freestanding structure
  • Includes 5 scratching posts, 1 ladder, 3 levels, 2 toys, 1 ramp and 1 condo
  • Requires assembly and can be spot-cleaned with mild soap and wet cloth

Vesper Cat Furniture

Cat trees are built to offer a relaxing or dynamic spot for your cat. They feature elements that will encourage your cat to be active, take a rest or get into his scratching habits. Vesper’s Cat Furniture is designed not only with a cat’s preferences in mind, but was also given a stylish, tasteful design as well – a modern design that will suit the majority of rooms with a contemporary feel. Then again, it is for your felines but it wouldn’t hurt if the cat tree is terribly chic, no? This is for the hipster cat owner who has good taste in everything, from cats down to his or her dwelling.


  • This model is a part of the company’s Vesper collection
  • Includes scratching post, 3 levels, toys and condo
  • Includes soft memory foam cushions
  • Freestanding structure
  • Has a fashionable, well-put design


There is a wide variety of cat trees in the market, but to help slim down your choices, make sure that you have your cat’s best interests in mind. Are they quite big or of a smaller build? Are they active or tend to sleep/relax more? Take into account these factors and you will easily find a cat tree model that best suits your cats. As for its colors and designs, do not worry since the majority of these cat trees all have minimal designs and simple colors that will easily complement the interiors of your dwelling, no matter what the style. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have come up with one or two models that you like.